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Finally, your books done right.

Transactions where they should be, a balance sheet that actually balances and a super clean chart of accounts special for dentists.


Understand at a glance with a clean Chart of Accounts.

Get a consistently clean chart of accounts specialized for a dental practice without the clutter.

Customized reports special for you.

Reports custom made and saved for 24/7 access inside your QuickBooks Online account.

Organized Detailed Transactions

Transparent detailed transactions with one click. Your practice activity organized and easy to read.

What we do so you and your CPA don’t have to.

And we do it right.

Maintenance of General Ledger

Keeping up with all accounts on your books, including ending balances on balance sheet, income, and expenses.


Adjusting Journal Entries

Posting of your CPA’s adjusting journal entries at year-end to match the books with their changes.

Fixed Assets & Depreciation

Preparing and updating new fixed asset purchases and recording depreciation according to CPA depreciation schedule.

Record & Verify New Loans

Recording of new loans and verifying balances with review of expenses and equipment paid with those loans.

Record Credit Card Activity

Entering and reconciling all credit card activity and maintaining balances due on the balance sheet.

Payroll Entries tied to Reports

Recording payroll at gross amount per department and by employee using the payroll reports each pay period.

Bank Reconciliations

Matching all transactions on the books to bank statements for the period and reviewing outstanding checks.


All Transaction Entries

Keeping up with all balance sheet accounts on your books by entering all transactions from statements.


Monthly Financial Reports

Various monthly financial reports including but not limited to Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online allows us to share the books with you and your CPA on a web browser and even your phone.


1099-MISC Forms

1099-MISC forms are required for any non incorporated vendor paid over $600 during the year. Let us help.

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The sooner you get started, the better. If we can correct the current year, we can compare it, apples to apples, with every new year going forward. Then you have the information to focus on improving.




When you trust your numbers, you can focus on improving them. Bookkeeping for Dentists LLC makes it easy to get accurate financials every month with analysis of practice performance.

For years I struggled with inaccurate and late reporting. I have made poor decisions without the crucial information needed. I also had to pay my accountant to correct mistakes by my bookkeeper. Now I get timely and accurate reports benchmarking to industry standards and I can adjust accordingly to improve my margin. If you are considering using Bookkeeping for Dentists think no more!!!! It’s a decision you won’t regret. I only wish I had found Sona sooner!

Dr. Miguel Casanas Jr.
Meadowbrook Dental Care PC, New York

I have 2 Dental offices and Sona Wegner does my Bookkeeping for both the offices. One of my concern while opening my practice last year in 2015 was to have a good bookkeeper and my life has been so easy after I found her. She is the best and I really doubt if anyone else could do the job as good and professional as she does. She is very organized and sends the reports with every minute detail. Moreover she does bookkeeping only for dentists so she knows what we as dentists expect. She is very efficient, comes up with new ideas and sends the reports as per our requirements and is dedicated to complete the work in a timely manner. I highly recommend her services for all the dentists who is looking for a bookkeeper and it’s a pleasure to work with her. Sona, you are the best and I am glad I found you.

Dr. Madhu Nadimpalli [Ram] DDS, MPA
Healthy Dental LLC, Maryland

I have two private dental offices, one for the past 7 years and another dental pediatric office since last year. For both of my offices, I have Sona do my bookkeeping and I have never been more relaxed and at ease on how she handles everything for both offices. All account information is organized in a way that nothing is ever missed. Sona is amazing at what she does and it makes it a pleasure to work with her and a pleasure to see the reports she prepares. The reports are not only in depth but easy to follow with crucial information clearly posted. One of my favorite parts of the reports Sona prepares, is she shows my average compared to the national average for all dentists so I can see where I stand on a general scale. She emphasizes what is more important and what are some areas where I don’t have to worry too much about. Sona is also great with giving pointers and tips on how to manage expenses and where I can cut costs. I am very pleased with her work and I highly recommend her to all dentists. I look forward to working many more years with Sona.

Ahmed Salem DDS, MBA, MClinDent
Wackford Dental & Kids Smile Pediatric Dentistry, California

I had the opportunity after pediatric dental residency to reopen a practice that was previously shutdown, and make it my own. Fresh out of residency, I set a mission to provide a high end experience, to the low income and under-served population, and thus, my office BrightSmiles Pediatric Dentistry, began to flourish. By far, the biggest difficulty was managing the office, hiring an appropriate staff, and structuring the systems and protocols of the practice. Instead, I focused on building up a solid patient base and reputation around Chicagoland. There were positives and negatives to this approach. I had built up a busy office, but it was on a weak foundation. When I came to open our second office 5 years later, I realized some significant changes needed to be made to the framework and structure of our practice, in order for it to be on better footing, and for us to take the next step.

The first step was to evaluate my current accounting team in place, who were supposed to be responsible for guiding me, teaching me, and specifically, preparing me to understand the true financials of the practice and their specifics, along with caring for all the taxes of the business. Illinois is certainly not the best place for a business to operate. As I dug deeper into my existing team, I found that I needed a more capable team of accounting professionals, specifically someone who understood every line item in my business and credit card checking accounts, and where it was supposed to go in QuickBooks, how it was supposed to be categorized, and what it meant. I can’t believe I was doing this on my own! I could not manage this side of the practice any longer on my own as I was overly involved in things I wasn’t capable in. I had seeked the advice of my pediatric dental colleagues, who had guided me into finding a bookkeeper.

Sona Wegner came into the picture very easily. It was a simple google search that introduced me to her website. I had reached out to her over the weekend, and she quickly responded with the differing packages she had available. I am very conscience about financials, especially because I felt like I had a clue or two about how things worked, but Sona, even without asking, offered to take a look at my QuickBooks files for me, and to do so at no cost. Not only did she find a mess, but she corrected all items related to 2015. She even went further back for me after I gave her accountant access to my business checking and credit cards. We had emailed throughout the day, and she was always timely, efficient, professional, funny, understanding and compassionate. Never aggressive in her pursuit of money, just simply wanted to help. She took the time to correct every detail, and even spoke with my current accountants, and new accountants. He even had a raving review about her! After seeing what she could do, I immediately signed up for her premium package and was thinking about how much easier my entire five years would have been had she been a partner of ours from the beginning. This was a slam dunk decision for us.

To further illustrate a point, she had done all the corrections for 2014 and 2015, while waiting for her second child to deliver, in her 3rd trimester. She even emailed me the day she went into labor, and shortly thereafter.

Bookkeeping for Dentists LLC is doing things the right way, for the right reasons. Sona is young and energetic, and is the exact person needed in a progressive industry. She specifically works well with younger doctors who are on the verge of expansion. She will forever be a part of my team, working side by side with my accountant and myself, in the most professional and ethical way possible. I will be employing her services for both of my future practices, and even floated her name around to other colleagues of mine. She is a hidden gem, and she certainly is a friend and a business you want on your side. Her work speaks for itself!

Dr. Johnny Kuttab
BrightSmiles Pediatric Dentistry, Illinois

Sona has put order into my practice and advised me on areas I can improve. She has a hands on approach and what I like the most is she will not hesitate to tell me the things I don’t want but need to hear. She has new and innovative ideas and is a sounding board for business ideas. I am beyond pleased I affiliated my practice with this company

Michael Bryant DDS
Michael Bryant Orthodontics, Maryland

When you are running a dental practice, there are tons of other issues to be addressed beside organizing receipts and reconciling expenses. I was in a hot mess with my bookkeeping for my practice until I found Sona. She is dedicated to her work and always stays on top of my financial numbers. I felt so relieved knowing I can trust Sona to keep up with my numbers. Sona works efficiently and gets to the point when she asks to provide documentation. She also communicates well with my CPA to ensure my statements are ready to file prior to deadline. I highly recommended Sona.

Thomas Young, DDS
EQ Dental, Texas

As my dental practice has grown I have found that it has become harder and harder to find time for myself. I have two young children and every moment I can spend with them is precious. Sona has freed up so many hours for me to make memories I would have missed. She is so wise, thorough and meticulous that I can sleep well at night knowing my bookkeeping needs are being well taken care of. I consider her to be a guardian angel for my business and sanity.

Joseph Benderson DMD
BayCove Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Maryland

I hired Sona upon the recommendation of my accountant, Larry Goldberg, who has used her extensively. I was reluctant at first, as I had just bought QuickBooks and thought I could handle my own bookkeeping. After speaking with Sona, she help to find the best option in how my bookkeeping should be handled. My finances was all over the place. She helped to organize a year full of my finances and that was not very easy. Her attention to detail, responsiveness, and commitment to quality, is exceptional. She is honest, has integrity and is dedicated to completing the work in a professional fashion. I would recommend Sona in a heartbeat and will be utilizing her services on a monthly basis as I continue to grow my business.

Dr. Maureen Poux
Maureen D. Poux DMD PA, Texas

So, where do I begin. Sona has helped me so much. My books were a mess for a variety of reasons and she worked diligently sifting through the various entries and basically redid the books for 2015. I feel such a relief knowing that my CPA will have accurate information and will therefore charge me less to complete my 2015 taxes. So, in essence, I have found an honest bookkeeper who not only has lifted a huge burden off my already heavily burdened shoulders, but because I know she is fair, thorough and accurate, I can rest assured and trust that my accounting is finally in good hands. I have been in practice since 1998 and have never found a person I can trust with my books until I found Sona. Thank you Sona for all that you have done for me.

Abbas Haider, DDS
Belvedere Plaza Dental, Georgia

I wish I had met Sona a long time ago. She has been a great help to me and my practice this year. Her detailed knowledge of expenses, remuneration and cash flow in dentistry makes Sona an efficient liaison to my accountant. I find that we save time and money this way. Sona is very accessible and able to provide constructive input to improve cash flow. Her considerable experience with other dental practices provides a sound basis to evaluate how my practice is performing as the different categories of revenue and expense are compared to other practices on average in the area. She can then make recommendations for improving efficiencies and income. Sona herself turns out to be another element of controlling office overhead. I recommend that you do not use an accountant to do your books when you have someone like Sona available.

Paul D Bederson, DDS, FAGD
Sterling Dental Center, Maryland

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he sooner you get started, the better. If we can correct the current year, we can compare it, apples to apples, with every new year going forward. Then you have the information to focus on improving.


Our Team

Bookkeeping for Dentists LLC began in 2013 when Sona Wegner, the founder, wanted a solution for dentists who had a difficult time getting and understanding the story behind the practice financial numbers.

Sona Wegner

Sona Wegner


Sona graduated from Strayer University with a 4 year degree (Bachelors of Science) in Accounting. She ventured out into the corporate world as an intern in college and began working at a dental specialty CPA firm, Schiff & Associates. After graduating, she continued to hold a passion in dentistry and stuck with the dental specialty firms as a tax associate ever since.

However, while preparing taxes, she realized her true love was in the bookkeeping and she saw a huge need for dentists to have easier access to quality bookkeeping for their dental practices. She left her career path in tax after 6 wonderful years, to start Bookkeeping for Dentists LLC.

Lauren Lombardi

Lauren Lombardi

Accounting Director

Lauren came onboard with Bookkeeping for Dentists in December of 2015. She received her Bachelors degree in Accounting Economics & Business Administration from McDaniel College. Lauren immediately jumped into the field of accounting and tried out practically every aspect of the field before realizing that bookkeeping and trend analysis was what truly held her interest.

She has a plethora of experience working with all different versions of accounting software and possesses a fine attention to detail that aids in her work. After joining Bookkeeping for Dentists, she fell in love with the dental industry and puts a plethora of time into learning everything she can about dentists and their numbers.

Candace Brown

Candace Brown

Creative Director

Candace joined Bookkeeping for Dentists in 2017. She received her Bachelors degree in Business Administration from St. Andrews University and graduated with honors, Magnum Cum Laude, Alpha Chi Honor Society, and Dean’s list for 6 semesters. Candace has experience working with many different types of businesses and has a huge love for animals.

She is super self-motivated, loves being part of a team, and we are lucky to have her!



Our relationships are important us and our clients. We don’t take our referrals lightly. The partnerships we have listed below are the ones we truly believe in and have seen great work from.

Phil Bogart, Partner

Dental Practice Transitions Attorney – Whiteford Taylor Preston LLP

Over the years, Phil has represented numerous dental practices and gained valuable knowledge about the unique needs facing general dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, pediatric dentists, orthodontists, endodontists and periodontists in business transactions and situations they encounter during the lifespan of their practices. He assists dental practice clients in structuring, negotiating and documenting employee arrangements, partnership arrangements, acquisitions, separations and sales.

Phil is a regular contributor to publications and websites that covers dental office management and offers resources for dentists. He also frequently addresses dental students at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in Baltimore and the Howard University College of Dentistry in Washington, D.C., helping them to prepare for legal issues they may encounter upon graduation. Phil can be reached at pbogart@wtplaw.com and 410-347.8710.


Larry S Goldberg, DDS CPA, Principal

Accounting + Consulting, Glass Jacobson Financial Group

With almost 20 years’ experience Larry brings a unique perspective to his role as a CPA for his dental clients. As a former practicing dentist for 17 years he has walked in their shoes. He has helped his many dental clients improve the financial aspects of their practices. In addition, Larry places a strong emphasis on tax planning. Besides guiding clients through transitioning out of dentistry he has advised many young dentists in pursuit of owning their own practices. Larry can be reached at 410-356-1000 or larry.goldberg@glassjacobson.com.


​Gene St. Louis, Executive VP of Consulting + Business Development

McKenzie Management, Success Proven Dental Management Solutions

Gene St. Louis is Executive Vice President of Consulting and Business Development at McKenzie Management. For over 30 years, Gene has devoted her entire professional career to dentistry and practice management. She held both clinical and administrative positions, prior to becoming a practice management consultant in 1993. Gene founded her own practice management company and built it into a successful firm with hundreds of clients nationwide. Gene continues to impart her knowledge and expertise in creating and maintaining thriving dental practices with dentists and their teams.

​Her informative articles have been featured in many dental publications. She has written and copy wrote two manuals, one on clinical education and one on administrative. Gene has also been a speaker for the nation’s top dental meetings and has lectured to dental societies, dental schools, study clubs and state dental associations throughout the United States and Canada. Gene is a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants and American Academy of Dental Office Managers.

​Gene is a master platform speaker through her professional development with Dale Carnegie presenting workshops to thousands of dentists and their teams nationwide since 1993. Her unique practice management background allows her to deliver a highly energetic and powerful learning experience. Gene has developed and presented dental management treatment plans to dentists for over 25 years helping to make their practices successful and profitable. McKenzie Management is a full service, in-office dental management company. Their clients include thousands of dental practices throughout the U.S. and Canada. Gene can be reached at gene@mckenziemgmt.com and 858-257-0289.


​Michael E. Schwartz, CPA, Owner

Michael E. Schwartz LLC

Michael E. Schwartz, CPA has over fifteen years extensive experience with limited liability companies, S corporations, limited partnerships, C corporations, nonprofit organizations and individual taxation. As a sole practitioner, he provides a holistic and personalized approach to a myriad of complex tax issues. The range of business tax services are available for individuals, family offices and private companies, and encompasses tax planning, tax compliance, controversy and risk management, and tax management consulting in an array of industries including real estate, dental, management services, construction and manufacturing. Michael can be reached at taxservices@michaeleschwartzcpa.com and 717-634-5875.



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